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Congratulations you have taken the first step! Looking to work more closely with Eileen on her Network Marketing Team? One of the benefits of working on Eileen's team is you will receive training and proven strategies to build your business. She loves coaching people to do what she does. There is nothing more satisfying than helping people reach their health, business, and life goals, while you do the same.

If you are here on this page looking to partner with Eileen to build time & financial freedom, read on. Being a business and life coach since 1999 has given Eileen many opportunities to help people build large and profitable companies online and off.

The reason she chose the company she works with is that they offer vital tools to build a successful business, such as:

Strategies for online marketing, which are easy to duplicate
Products & testimonials that are easy to promote online
They are a proven company with tremendous growth while 
bringing new and innovative concepts to the industry.
They offer great products that I purchased and referred people 
to even before I joined to have a comp plan.
They allow you to create your own personal brand.
It is a New and exciting Social Retail model bringing more
satisfied customers and referrals for your business with ease.

Eileen also jumps in with coaching to help you build your business. What we look for as part of our team is someone that is coachable, has a desire to be successful – it's ok if you don’t know how yet, show up and be accountable; this is not a 40hr a week job, kind and enjoy having fun – that is our motto "Be Kind", and has a positive mindset to win - forget the excuses they don’t work here.

Simply, Eileen is looking to work with people who are ready to hunker down and build an amazing home business while creating their life by design.

If you fit the team qualities and mindset above,  please complete our next step, Apply and Learn more  - Eileen will personally reach out to you once you submit the form. I truly look forward to working with you!


Schedule a FREE 15 minute call with Eileen to discuss the opportunity of working together and how she can help you reach your specific goals.

Wellness & Business Coaching

Eileen's specialty is building profitable businesses; as a 26+ year veteran Entrepreneur and a Certified Life, Leadership & Business Coach, she brings tons of experience and expertise.. When her clients succeed, then she is fulfilled. She has the tools and concepts to build a profitable referral business while building relationships with clients that will stay loyal.

You will find that Eileen is highly trained some of her credentials include:

A graduate of the Coach Training Academy
Certified Trainer, Speaker & Coach for John Maxwell and Brian Tracy
Graduate of the Tony Robbins University
VP of Professional Development at two large Real Estate franchises nationwide

If you are looking to be the best you can be and you are willing to embrace all your God-given gifts and talents, Eileen would be honored to do just that.

There is a process to getting into coaching the program. The first step is to click on the Apply and learn more button below. Eileen will follow up with you once submitted. Eileen does offer discounts to her clients that work with her in the Network Marketing Journey.

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